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Learn, Act, Question: Self-Direction

A Lesson Learned

System Design must be self-directed. In fact, all learning must be self-directed.

When it comes to helping someone, no amount of good intentions will compare to allowing the person in question lead the effort. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable we are (or think we are), we cannot escape our own biases and assumptions. What we can do is set them aside.

Some Actionable Advice

The next time someone asks you for help or advice, make sure you’re giving them the best of you. Don’t start the conversation full of your own assumptions.

The first step is to listen. Ask open-ended questions and be prepared for surprising answers. Enter each conversation eager to learn instead of eager to teach, and in the end you’ll accomplish both.

An Open Question

Many of us need structure in our lives (whether or not we actually like it). We rely on things like routines, organization, and advance notice of upcoming changes just to keep us from losing our balance. Change comes whether we’re ready for it or not, and sometimes it’s big enough that we have no choice but to re-build around it.

When a big change comes your way (new family member, new relationship, new job, etc.) how do you adapt? What keeps you balanced?

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