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Service Offerings

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Systems Coaching

Work with an autistic coach to find ways to reach your goals that work the way you work. My approach is centered in compassion and self-knowledge.

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Person-Centered Plan

Work with your support team to create a Person-Centered Plan for Self-Determination, or to use as a guide for your support workers or service providers.

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SDP Facilitation

Get help navigating California’s Self-Determination Program from a highly experienced Independent Facilitator, whether you’re already in the program or just getting started.


I’ve known Yadir for the past two years and all I have to say is wonderful things about them. They are caring, compassionate, patient and go above and beyond to make sure you are heard and your needs are met!

They have the ability to think outside the box to make your life easier and figure out how to accommodate your specific needs! Yadir has helped me in the workplace be more organized, comfortable and confident in my space and life!

Yadir is excellent in what they do and will only set you up for success in life! They are a great mentor and friend! I cannot recommend Yadir enough!

Natasha Bijlani, BASW – Independent Facilitator and Colleague

At our very first meeting, we were impressed with their knowledge of SDP and the whole transition process. SDP can be a very confusing process, with a steep learning curve, especially for families who are already dealing with the challenges of special needs. But Yadir made it easy for us by breaking down the process into manageable steps. They are very professional and extremely organized with their work. Given their vast experience, they are adept at anticipating roadblocks and is able to navigate through the various kinks in the process in a smooth and efficient manner.

Parents of an SDP Participant