• Returning to My Roots: Becoming a Small Business Owner

    Returning to My Roots: Becoming a Small Business Owner

    Business runs in my family, and yet I never imagined myself becoming a business owner myself.

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  • The Ideal Level of Engagement

    The Ideal Level of Engagement

    We humans like to be active, to play, to learn, to explore, to engage. Many people manage to spend most of their lives in a happy middle-ground and never experience much of the extremes. But as our society demands more and more from us while dismissing some of us entirely, many of us are still…

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  • Why Voice Notes might be life-changing

    Why Voice Notes might be life-changing

    For years I have struggled to express my thoughts eloquently in writing, despite considering myself a writer and lover of the written word. Sometimes it’s because my brain is going too fast and in too many directions at once so it’s impossible to capture it all, let alone have it make any sense. Other times…

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  • It’s fun to be wrong

    It’s fun to be wrong

    I thought I knew myself and my special interests pretty well. Sure, I spent most of my life unaware of them until after my diagnosis when I realized I have had a life-long (yet evolving) interest in fiction and storytelling. But I had figured that out already. And I was aware of my interest in…

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  • Don’t See Me, Hear Me

    Don’t See Me, Hear Me

    I wonder sometimes, what communication must be like for Neurotypical people. Today I’m particularly curious about the way they feel about subtext in conversations. Does it feel good when someone is able to “read between the lines” and understand what you’re not saying? Do they feel seen when someone reads their body language and addresses…

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  • Interview with All Neurotypes Office

    Last week I was interviewed by my friend Sam at All Neurotypes Office. We talked about executive functioning, the roles labels play, what disabled productivity is, and some of my special interests. Watch the full interview here! All Neurotypes Office interview with Yadir on Sam and I met through a Neurodiversity discussion group he…

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  • It’s not Laziness and It’s Not You

    It’s not Laziness and It’s Not You

    This is by far one of the most important lessons I’ve learned since becoming involved in disability spaces. And I will repeat it as many times as you need. There is no such thing as laziness. There is a real reason why you haven’t been able to complete that project you’re working on, or make…

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  • The Motivation Cycle

    The Motivation Cycle

    Recently I came across two YouTube videos on where Motivation comes from. The general takeaway is not surprising, and it’s advice I’ve heard before in different forms, but something about how it was said in these videos finally made it click for me. Motivation is the result of action. Not only does motivation drive action,…

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  • Dear Co-Workers, Work Less

    Dear Co-Workers, Work Less

    I spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of disability and labor. Sometimes it’s from a lens of “productivity” where the goal is to work less and live more, and sometimes it’s from a lens of labor and shared responsibility. Today it’s more of the latter. As a disabled person who works alongside…

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  • In Plain Sight: Invisible Neurodivergence

    In Plain Sight: Invisible Neurodivergence

    Normalized neurodivergence is invisible neurodivergence. That can look like acceptance, or it can look like denial. Often, it looks like both. I didn’t discover I was neurodivergent until my mid-twenties. Looking back, there were a lot of signs we missed, but it’s also very obvious why we missed them. Recently, I find myself thinking a…

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