Self-Determination Program Support


Determine Your Own Future with the

Self-Determination Program

California residents with Developmental Disabilities now have a new way to receive services that puts them in the driver seat. Self-Determination allows for more flexibility and customization in the type of services and the providers you choose to use.

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Our Values

You’re in Charge

Promote Autonomy

Self-Determination is all about having the power to make your own decisions. We believe that everyone should be able to make choices about how they live their life. Our job is to help give you the tools to take some of that power back.

Gain Tools & Skills

Educate & Empower

Knowledge is power. We want you to leave every meeting knowing and understanding more about Self-Determination. If one day you find you don’t need our help anymore, we consider that a job well done. But we’ll always be here to help if you need it.

Make it Your Own


This is about your journey. Whether it’s about how we create your person-centered plan, how we conduct our meetings, or what you want to learn, you get to decide how you want to do this.

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Person-Centered Plan


Through a series of virtual meetings, we will craft a plan that reflects your unique personality and dreams.



Certified Budget

We walk you through the process of getting a Certified Budget so you know you’re getting a fair budget.

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Spending Plan

We help you build a Spending Plan to make the most of your SDP funds and ensure no fees or taxes are left out of the calculation.


SDP Facilitation Services


Entering Self-Determination is just the beginning. We can help you through the ups an downs of running your program, or offer advice if something isn’t quite going the way you hoped.

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“I have learned a lot from them and they are truly amazing. The way Yadir has helped us navigate through hurdles. I could not imagine anyone else could have. Yadir has both knowledge and patience to help clients like us who are new to the SDP plan.“

Mother of an SDP Participant

“Last fall we were looking for an IF to help us transition to SDP and we got a referral for Yadir from one of the families.

At our very first meeting, we were impressed with their knowledge of SDP and the whole transition process. SDP can be a very confusing process, with a steep learning curve, especially for families who are already dealing with the challenges of special needs. But Yadir made it easy for us by breaking down the process into manageable steps. They are very professional and extremely organized with their work. Given their vast experience, they are adept at anticipating roadblocks and is able to navigate through the various kinks in the process in a smooth and efficient manner. “

Parents of an SDP Participant

“They realize the challenges that special needs families face, and goes above and beyond what is expected of them as an IF. Yadir was a huge advocate for our son throughout the SDP process and we felt confident mainly because of their guidance and support. What truly impressed us was the personal touch they bring to every meeting and their hard work in making sure that our son is able to access resources that would give him the best possible opportunity for his personal growth and success. And all this was done with an abundance of patience and a smile. We are truly thankful to Yadir for all their help, and for making this a very comfortable and positive experience for us. I know we would hire them again in a heartbeat if the need arises. “

Parents of an SDP Participant


Person-Centered Plan


no cost to you*

Virtual Meetings

At Your Own Pace


Interest Based

Editable Format

PDF Final Version

Transition Support


no cost to you*

Expert Advice

Personalized Process

At Your Own Pace

Budget Support

Spending Plan Support

FMS Setup Support


SDP Facilitation


per hour

from the SDP spending plan

Expert Advice

Personalized Service

At Your Own Pace

Budget Updates

Spending Plan Updates

Provider Onboarding

SDP Renwal

and more!

Self-Pay Support


per hour**

Expert Advice

Personalized Service

At Your Own Pace


Built around your needs

* Regional Centers have money set aside to support your transition to Self-Determination. These funds are generally available one time, so if you have already spent them, you may need to pay out of pocket for additional support. Talk to your coordinator or book a consultation call for more information.

** If you are paying out of pocket we can discuss rates and alternative arrangements to suit your needs