About Expand Yu

Expand Yu provides personalized systems coaching which teaches people how to identify challenges, and create systems in their lives to accommodate their needs without shame or judgement. Systems coaching focuses on finding ways to make everyday tasks easier by unlearning the spoken and unspoken rules that the neuromajority has taught us, and embracing the unconventional methods that actually work for us.

Systems Coaching was originally designed for autistic and ADHD people, but can benefit anyone struggling with executive dysfunction, or just feeling overwhelmed by the demands society places on them.

Expand Yu now also offers Independent Facilitation for California's Self-Determination Program. Read more.

Meet the Founder

Yadir Morales is the founder of Expand Yu, a systems coach, disability advocate, and writer. They hold a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from Wellesley College and has years of experience navigating developmental disability services in the state of California. But more importantly, they have a lifetime of experience living as an autistic person in a world that is actively hostile towards differences.

After spending over a decade locked in a painful and humiliating cycle of burnout, they received an autism diagnosis at the age of 25 which completely changed their life. With that new knowledge, they were able to find and create tools and systems of support to help them be not only successful, but healthier and happier too, because success no longer had to come at the cost of their well-being. They created Expand Yu in order to share what they've learned with others going through similar experiences.

Today, Yadir coaches other neurodivergent people through the process of creating systems that allow them to even the playing field and lead more fulfilling lives without sacrificing their physical and mental health.

About my Perspective: I am autistic, queer, bilingual in Spanish, nerdy! I come from a low-income immigrant family, Los Angeles, CA, Wellesley College. I love fiction, space, organizing information, building community. I stand for self-determination and maximizing autonomy, liberation, land-back, and decolonization worldwide.

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