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Intentions for 2022

This is my first time doing such a comprehensive year review. I based it off Tiago Forte’s year review, including answering a series of questions about 2022, and writing a narrative vision for the end of 2022. Although it’s an entire week later than I wanted to publish it, I still wanted to share my intentions for the new year with you.

Home Life

  • This year, my family and I will buy a house.
  • I will have a space of my own again.
  • In that space I will maintain my own routines without disturbing anyone.
  • I will enjoy silence or sound when I want it, without the need for noise-cancelling headphones.
  • I will maintain the level of meal planning I need for my health and peace of mind without inconveniencing anyone else.
  • I will cook on my own at least once a week.

Day Job

  • I end each day by setting priorities for the next day for peace of mind.
  • I start each day by emptying my inbox and adjusting priorities as needed.
  • I am proactive with my work to avoid emergencies as much as possible.
  • I leave buffers after meetings for administrative tasks best done with context.
  • I provide clarity and structure for myself and my team.
  • I focus a large part of my energy on projects designed to make the rest of the system run smoothly, both for my co-workers and for our clients.
  • I feel empowered to create change in my work environment which keeps everything feeling interesting and fresh.

Expand Yu

  • I will leverage the structure and limitations of having a 9-5 job to help me make progress on my other goals.
  • I focus on making short posts on topics that are still fresh in my mind.
  • I learn publicly and with humility, without worrying about “repeating” content as I grow.
  • I create maps of content for my readers to follow when they’re interested in specific topics.


  • Writing feels lighter than it used to thanks to my well established daily writing tiny habit (200+ words).
  • I keep countless story ideas outlined and ready to work on based on my mood.
  • I don’t worry about updating specific stories as much as I focus on writing consistently regardless of which story it is.
  • I let my attention pivot based on my interest so writing feels light, free, and fun.


  • I go out to walk or bike on a nature trail at least once a week.
  • I feel more in control of my own body and more energized.
  • I haven’t had another trip to the ER all year.
  • Meal planning is more comprehensive but still feels simple and doable, and has minimized our stress around cooking and preparing food for the week.

The questions I asked myself that eventually led to this were already different from what Tiago lists in his annual review, including a couple inspired by the livingOS annual review workshop / booklet, but I expect them to change yearly as I refine the process for myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I do with these, but just having them laid out already provides me with a clarity that I need and enjoy.

What are your intentions for 2022?


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