Haikyuu!! Depicts Three Realistic Types of Volleyball Players

Furudate writes three types of volleyball players in Haikyuu!!
We have the “monster generation”, the players that love volleyball but don’t let it take over their lives, and the players that are “left behind”.

Haikyuu!!’s Sendai Frogs say, “We’re here too, and we’re coming for you.”

The Sendai Frogs are sending a message to the National Team and other Division 1 players: “We’re here too, and we’re coming for you.”

Nothing Really Ends, But Haikyuu is Almost Over

Haikyuu!! is coming to an end after 8 glorious years. It’s honestly quite hard to accept. It’s been such a huge part of my life for at least 6 years now. Of course I don’t want it to be over, but I’m also so very happy for Furudate-sensei. What an incredible accomplishment!! Not to mention, I can’t wait to see what they create next — after a very long, well-deserved rest.

Haikyuu!! Characters as Witnesses to Growth

Almost every major character in Haikyuu!! has what I call a “witness to growth”. Some have more than one. Hinata as the main character has almost every other major character as a witness, but even he still has a single primary witness.

Akaashi’s POV in Haikyuu is Damn Powerful

One of my favorite things in Haikyuu!!, especially since the Nationals arc, has been the portions told from Akaashi Keiji’s point-of-view. Sure, Hinata Shouyou is the main character and protagonist of Haikyuu!! but Fukurodani and Bokuto Koutarou are ‘the protagonists of the world’.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: a brief character analysis

I’ve been writing about Yamaguchi for years now, but until recently I hadn’t explicitly thought about his character, about who he is and what motivates him. When I did start thinking about it, I ran head-first into the depressing fact that Yamaguchi Tadashi — despite all my love for him — is not a mainContinue reading “Yamaguchi Tadashi: a brief character analysis”

Kageyama vs. Hinata ON VOLLEYBALL

See my original Twitter thread here. Today I was struck by the differences in the relationships Kageyama and Hinata each have with volleyball. Like many things Furudate-sensei does, the comparisons are naturally and subtly woven into the story, but recent chapters have brought it back up to the surface. We watched Hinata fall in loveContinue reading “Kageyama vs. Hinata ON VOLLEYBALL”