100 Meta Posts in 2020

Fjord discards his Self too easily

“I feel like I’m the fourth version of myself since I left Port Damali.” Fjord doesn’t value his Self, discards it easily, and then calls it “growth”.

How Hinata and Kageyama Failed at Nationals

Hinata and Kageyama have parallel journeys of personal growth throughout Haikyuu!! but they both failed on their individual quests during the Nationals arc, which led to their defeat by Kamomedai.

When Caduceus Failed as Fjord’s Spiritual Guide

I’ll be the first to say that Fjord is guilty of many things, many failures. But there is at least on instance I can point to where it’s Caduceus — Fjord’s self-appointed spiritual guide — who fails him in a pretty big way.

Haikyuu!! is about Legacy

It’s about legacy. It’s about a thread, a path, a story. Sometimes the path is not what we expect, there are sharp terms, obstacles we couldn’t have foreseen. Sometimes we have to pass the torch on to someone else, and watch the light from a distance. But none of that erases the part we played, and the steps we walked.

Oikawa’s Greatest Obstacle: The Genius

Oikawa is pretty confident about his abilities to overcome other players through strategy, game sense, and experience, but there’s a single obstacle that seems insurmountable to him, no matter how hard he tries.

Oikawa Tooru Sacrificed the Most, and it Paid Off

In Haikyuu!!, Oikawa Tooru is the ultimate opponent, the Grand King, and the player who suffers, risks, and sacrifices the most in order to make it onto the Olympic stage.

Short Players Have to Be Experts at Everything

To justify substituting Hinata or Hoshiumi in for a taller player, they are required be expert receivers, blockers, and setters in addition to jumping even higher than the taller players.

In Haikyuu!! Victory Requires Sacrifice

Victory comes at a cost, and sometimes that means making sacrifices, and compromises, and working your ass off for years before breaking through, before “making it”.

Haikyuu!! Depicts Three Realistic Types of Volleyball Players

Furudate writes three types of volleyball players in Haikyuu!!
We have the “monster generation”, the players that love volleyball but don’t let it take over their lives, and the players that are “left behind”.

The Mighty Nein are Bad Friends

Caduceus giving in the the Mighty Nein’s whims in the jungle on their way to the Menagerie is indicative of a much deeper problem within the Mighty Nein.

Nothing Really Ends, But Haikyuu is Almost Over

Haikyuu!! is coming to an end after 8 glorious years. It’s honestly quite hard to accept. It’s been such a huge part of my life for at least 6 years now. Of course I don’t want it to be over, but I’m also so very happy for Furudate-sensei. What an incredible accomplishment!! Not to mention, I can’t wait to see what they create next — after a very long, well-deserved rest.

When Authors Cherish Their Characters

For me, the biggest sign of an author who cares about their characters is the way they treat side characters, those not central to the main story.

Haikyuu!! Characters as Witnesses to Growth

Almost every major character in Haikyuu!! has what I call a “witness to growth”. Some have more than one. Hinata as the main character has almost every other major character as a witness, but even he still has a single primary witness.

Akaashi’s POV in Haikyuu is Damn Powerful

One of my favorite things in Haikyuu!!, especially since the Nationals arc, has been the portions told from Akaashi Keiji’s point-of-view. Sure, Hinata Shouyou is the main character and protagonist of Haikyuu!! but Fukurodani and Bokuto Koutarou are ‘the protagonists of the world’.

A Queer Yuri!!! on ICE Experience

It was this moment that I sincerely lost my mind. Not only had this show gotten our hopes up and delivered. It had raised the bar episode after episode, far surpassing any expectations we could have possibly put forward.

Essek is NOT a War Criminal

Both the cast and many fans online have been referring to Essek Thelyss as a “war criminal” and guilty of betraying the Mighty Nein. But while Essek certainly is guilty of many evil deeds, he is not guilty of either of those things.

Fjord’s Faith Lies in His Friends

Growing up, Fjord never had control over his life. He was raised in an orphanage, at the mercy of horrible people who used children for work. And even when he left he was still at the mercy of others, looking for work just to survive. Vandran had been the first to really take him in, take responsibility for him, show him the ropes, and perhaps discipline him.

Positive Trickery is Jester’s Domain

Jester has the chance here to make Traveler Con an unforgettable and positive experience that everyone will be talking about, across all of Exandria, for generations. And wouldn’t that be the best trick of all?

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