Six Levels of Intentionality

A Vision Board was a great start for me. The visual reminder of my long-term goals was helpful, both as a source of motivation and as reminder of what matters. But it wasn’t enough. I still lost track of my short-term goals and my day-to-day.

When Caduceus Failed as Fjord’s Spiritual Guide

I’ll be the first to say that Fjord is guilty of many things, many failures. But there is at least on instance I can point to where it’s Caduceus — Fjord’s self-appointed spiritual guide — who fails him in a pretty big way.

Goal Setting for People Who Forget

Do you often “have a lot going on” but no clear idea what it is exactly, or what it’s for? Do you sometimes stop and wonder why you even started that project you’ve been stuck on for months? Do you give up on things or start over, because you can’t be bothered to dig through the muck and figure out what you were doing in the first place?

Haikyuu!! is about Legacy

It’s about legacy. It’s about a thread, a path, a story. Sometimes the path is not what we expect, there are sharp terms, obstacles we couldn’t have foreseen. Sometimes we have to pass the torch on to someone else, and watch the light from a distance. But none of that erases the part we played, and the steps we walked.