About Me

My name is Yuuchi Morales. I am a neurodivergent fiction writer, story editor, and productivity enthusiast.

I started Expand Yu as a way to share productivity tips and resources specifically designed for a neurodiverse audience.

I also run the writer’s group Neurodivergent Storytellers, a discord group that exists in the intersection between creative writing and neurodivergence.

I was diagnosed as Autistic in 2019, at the age of 25, after spending four years working dead-end jobs while in a seemingly endless cycle of burnout.

Diagnosis came with an incredible sense of relief, and the beginning of a long journey of getting to know myself. In the process, I’ve also gotten to know a lot of other neurodivergent creators and their stories.

It also came with a growing anger at the world. The more I learned about myself, about the tools and advice that actually fit with my brain, I realized it didn’t need to be as hard as it had been all these years.

I am on a journey of exploration and growth as I find the tools I need in order to be successful in what I want to accomplish, and I want to take as many people with me as I can.

On my blog, I share reviews on tools, methods, and apps that have worked for me; guides on how to build a more comprehensive support system for getting things done our own way; and posts on my personal interests in storytelling, neurodiversity, and more.

Contact Info

Twitter: @Expand_Yu
Email: hello@expandyu.com