Fjord discards his Self too easily

Fjord’s habit of constantly switching masks to suit the situation and carelessly discarding old masks without keeping any of it is likely a result of low-self esteem. Fjord doesn’t value his Self, discards it easily, and then calls it “growth”. But growth can only happen by piling on top of something solid. Discarding and starting over will never add up to anything.

Fjord considers his ability to adapt to situations his strength. But while the skill is incredibly useful and has gotten the Mighty Nein out of many difficult situations, Fjord fails to see how his over-reliance on this method is inhibiting his personal growth.

I feel like I’m the fourth version of myself since I left Port Damali. And I feel like it could change again in a month or three months. I feel as if the ground is shifting underneath my feet every few nights that I wake up and it’s crazy. I actually love it. Because it’s all been for the better, no matter how crazy it’s been. (CR2E108)

Rapid change is not inherently bad. But what has become increasingly obvious by way of Fjord’s behavior is that the good qualities he’s picked up at some point during his journey have been discarded when he adopts new masks, new roles, and an entirely new version of himself. The feeling of growth Fjord is experiencing is a false one, a result of his new mask suiting his current situation better, but it’s all simply horizontal movement without any actual growth.

He cannot continue like this. Real growth will require Fjord to value at least pieces of his Self enough to keep them, take them with him into the next stage of his life.

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