The Cobalt Soul has Manipulated Beauregard

Beauregard was dragged from her home kicking and screaming by a group of monks and brought to the Cobalt Soul in Zadash for training. As it turned out, her father had paid the monks to take her away for education and reform.

After her experience trying and failing to rise to her father’s expectations, Beau regarded the Cobalt Soul as just another entity trying to control and muzzle her. She resisted and rebelled against them, becoming known as a troublesome student within their ranks.

Eventually, Beau escaped from the monastery and set off on her own, only to be tracked down in Trostenwald by her previous tutor, Zeenoth and a new mentor, Dairon.

Beauregard was raised to answer to authority. First her father’s, then the Cobalt Soul. Control and power went hand in hand. She grew up wanting to become “strong” so that she could be in control of her own life. It’s why she’s so aggressive.

Dairon managed to earn Beau’s respect by fighting and overpowering her, appealing to Beau’s fighting spirit. When Zeenoth couldn’t handle her anymore and she’d strayed from their path and zone of influence, they brought Dairon in to “speak her language” and pull her back in.

Dairon tapped into Beau’s desire for power and autonomy by promising her physical and fighting strength, and the power to make an impact in the world. Beau would not only be her own boss, she would be able to influence the world around her. Dairon dangled this power to “fight corruption” and take down the powerful in front of her. They turned Beau’s hatred of authority into their own authoritative weapon.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Months later as Beau has been traveling with the Mighty Nein and learning from the world around her instead of through any specific lens, Dairon reels her back in for the second time.

Beauregard had shown marked improvement by the time they ran into Dairon in Xhorhas. To the point where she stood up to Dairon and demanded that she be treated as an equal instead of just a trainee.

Beau was finally shaking off the shackles and limits of the Cobalt Soul’s teachings, only to be congratulated by Dairon and made into an expositor.

They refuse to let her go, let her think for herself. They see her and her experience as belonging to them because they’ve “invested” in her training. So they reel her back in with the acknowledgment and praise she’s been starved of her whole life.

Since becoming an expositor, Beauregard’s temperament has worsened. She has become paradoxically more aggressive toward perceived authority despite her own authoritative position. Consider the absolutely pointless argument she had with Trent Ikithon at the Vergesson Sanatorium, or the way she fought off Caudceus’ requests to respect the holy site near the Wildmother’s Menagerie.

Due to the Cobalt Soul’s manipulation, Beauregard doesn’t hate authority, she just wants to be the one in charge. It simply seems that Beau herself has yet to realize this and continues to act as if she’s anti-authority all around.

Now that Caleb is bringing up the topic of sticking their noses into the Empire’s affairs and the Cerberus Assembly, it’s apparent that Beauregard sees the Cobalt Soul as instrumental to that mission and as undoubtedly good. But the fact of the matter is that the Cobalt Soul and the Cerberus Assembly are the same type of entity.

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