Jester Should Leave the Mighty Nein

I really wish Jester would leave the Mighty Nein about now. Not as any kind of “punishment”. Simply because with the way things are between Artagan and the M9, and after what happened at Traveler Con, I imagine Jester wants to spend some quality time with her best friend of 20 years.

As much as Jester loves the Mighty Nein and appreciates everything they’ve done for her, including helping her prepare for Traveler Con, she misses her best friend. The advent of the religion of the Traveler pulled Artagan away from her bit by bit until she could only ever talk to him through the use of a commune spell. And after nearly losing him, it would make sense for her to want to spend some quality time with him.

The problem is that the Mighty Nein have apparently refused to accept Artagan into their usually very welcoming group. They’ve welcomed Essek despite his complicated and troubled past, and even extended an invitation to The Inevitable End! But even after watching Artagan save Jester from being trapped with him in the Feywild, they still don’t trust or like him enough to welcome him.

Artagan would surely ask Jester a few times, just to make sure she really wanted to do this. But when Jester makes up her mind, not even an Archfey can change it. Besides, when has Artagan ever been able to say no to her?

The Mighty Nein would never accept this. They’re still convinced Artagan is manipulating her somehow. The truth is they don’t consider Jester capable of making her own decisions. The Jester in their mind is markedly different from the Jester in real life. After what she did to Isharnai in the forest, how could they believe anyone is capable of making her do something she doesn’t want to? Jester is all about bending the world around her to suit her needs so that she always gets what she wants. It’s what Artagan loves most about her.

The Mighty Nein yelling, “How can you let her do this?” and “Don’t you know it’s better for her to stay here with her own kind?” only proves they still don’t understand anything about Jester. After all, Artagan has no power over her. Nor does he wish to have any power over her. And if they listened a little closer to what Jester said about him, and believed her at her word, they would know that.

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