Blog Update: August 2020

If you’ve been on my blog before, you’ve probably already noticed many changes throughout the last couple of weeks. I wanted to take a moment to explain what these changes are about, and what you might expect moving forward.

Until now, this blog has served whatever purpose I needed it for at the time. I’ve written personal things on here, I’ve used it as a kind of portfolio for my original fiction, and most recently, I’ve used it to get my 100 Meta Posts project going. I still plan on continuing all of those things on this blog to various degrees, but for the first time, this blog and website has a true purpose.

I’ve spent the last several months (and really the last year) building up to this. Since I received my Autism diagnosis at the start of last year, I have learned a lot about myself, about what I struggle with, and about forgiving myself. I’ve found therapy really helpful for untangling myself from some of the thoughts and beliefs I’ve had all my life, but when it came down to actually focusing, getting work done, and making progress toward my goals — the actual reason I sought out a diagnosis in the first place — I found therapy terribly lacking. And for good reason, that’s not what therapy is for! Therapy and coaching are two distinct areas, and I needed more of the latter.

A huge part of what I struggle with on the day-to-day is Executive Functioning. What seems to happen naturally for Neurotypical people takes extra work and planning for me. But I didn’t know that before, so I tried “pushing myself” and I tried “going with the flow” and I ended up working overtime at a job that didn’t appreciate me for an entire year. The last several months, I’ve been working on finally building a structure that can support me, my brain, and everything I want to accomplish.

There’s often a lot of talk about “structure” in Neurodivergent circles (especially those led/controlled by Neurotypicals). But we don’t often get into the details about why structure is important for us, beyond just “staying on task” and “preventing meltdowns”. That’s why it took me so long to put the pieces together and land on what I’m doing now.

Structure grants freedom. It’s true for storytelling, and it’s true in our personal and professional lives. It takes the guess-work out of the work, it gives you a sense of peace and calm, and it helps you focus on what’s important. In today’s rapidly changing world, our structure must also be flexible, not rigid. As counter-intuitive as that may sound, I’ve found it to be true literally and figuratively, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on why, and on how to build it.

From now on, this website will be primarily dedicated to the concept of System Design, overlapping both the Productivity and Neurodiversity spheres. My goal is to develop a method for creating customized, holistic, and flexible systems of support for Neurodivergent people and the work we do. (Neurotypical people can no doubt benefit from this too, but I’m focusing on how our brains work.) In my work, I hope to reach beyond the concept of simple “productivity” — because we are more than what we can create — while also supporting people in whatever their personal endeavors are.

What you can expect, moving forward:

  • Reviews about some of my favorite Applications, Books, and Methodologies
  • Guides based on what I’ve learned about working with myself
  • Continued articles about my favorite stories
  • More in-depth story analysis posted as blog series
  • Writing advice based on what I’m learning and working on

Thank you for going on this journey with me!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or email me at If you have any requests for posts, you can comment below or visit my Ko-Fi page and leave a request there.

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