Haikyuu!! is about Legacy

One of the things that makes Haikyuu!! such a hopeful story is that it’s not only a story of the “monsters” that make it big, it’s also about the D2 players that keep on playing, it’s about everyone around them, and everyone before them. It‘s about anyone who has ever loved volleyball. It’s about everyone who has ever loved anything at all.

Haikyuu!! is about legacy. It’s about the thread that is longer than any one person, but connects us all to each other.

The Little Giant’s Legacy

“The Little Giant” inspired both Hoshiumi and Hinata to not only play volleyball, but aim for the very top. But Udai Tenma quit volleyball after high school to pursue his career, and probably never even considered playing volleyball professionally. Years later after he watched the match between Hoshiumi and Hinata, he was filled with pride for having “created a monster.”

Karasuno’s Third Years Laid the Foundation

Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, and Azumane Asahi inherited the Karasuno Volleyball Club at it’s lowest point after “The Little Giant”. Their upperclassmen were dispirited, disillusioned. But Daichi wasn’t satisfied with that. He made it his goal, their goal, to make it to Nationals once again. Those three together built a stronger team, a stronger club, one that could take that stage again, and again.

Coach Made it All Possible

Takeda Ittetsu knew nothing about volleyball when he was put in charge of the club. But he believed in those boys more than maybe anyone else ever had. He not only believed they could achieve great things, he believed it was important to them to do so here. He backed them with everything he had and made the impossible, possible for them all

Some Stories Continue in Ways We Don’t Expect

Sometimes our stories don’t end, so much as they take unexpected turns. The Battle of the Trash Heap is a rivalry generations old that has been adapted, inherited, and reforged.

Sometimes things must change, but it creates brand new opportunities. Like two childhood friends who after being partners for a lifetime, are separated and find joy in the opportunity to meet on the court again as opponents.

It’s about legacy. It’s about a thread, a path, a story. Sometimes the path is not what we expect, there are sharp terms, obstacles we couldn’t have foreseen. Sometimes we have to pass the torch on to someone else, and watch the light from a distance. But none of that erases the part we played, and the steps we walked.

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