The Significance of Hinata and Oikawa Meeting in Brazil

Hinata and Oikawa’s chance meeting in Brazil came as a huge surprise and delight to fans all around the world. It was proof that Oikawa wasn’t done yet. It was the familiarity that Hinata desperately needed in that moment. And it turned out to also be the reminder that Oikawa needed most, that “volleyball is fun.”

But this meeting was a lot more than that. This meeting represented the crossing of two very similar paths, at the precise moment when they were both risking and sacrificing the most in order to get what they wanted.

Hinata Shouyou was gifted with incredible athletic abilities, coordination, and quick instincts, but he chose a sport that demanded one thing he didn’t have: height. This is why, in spite of all his gifts and potential, Oikawa doesn’t consider him a “genius” like Kageyama. Instead, Hinata shares a lot more in common with Oikawa, both constantly battling obstacles that can seem insurmountable.

Oikawa Tooru was the first. He chose to try it all, to take risks and make sacrifices for a chance at surpassing what he once believed was his natural limit. He took a chance and went all the way to Argentina to train where he believed he had the best chance. Only he took it a step further and made it permanent.

Hinata unknowingly followed in Oikawa’s footsteps when he decided to go all the way to Brazil to train in beach volleyball. For him, giving up indoor volleyball (temporarily) was the fastest way to gain the skills he needed to play at the level he wanted to. But unlike Oikawa, Hinata got to go back home.

Hinata and Oikawa met in Brazil because they were on the same path. They had made the same choices and taken the same risks. In that moment with their high school rivalries set aside, they recognized in each other the same drive and willingness to go to great lengths to pursue the sport they loved. It’s no wonder they enjoyed playing together so much. It’s no wonder they became friends.

When they finally reached the greatest stage of all and look across the court, Oikawa sees his greatest rivals, but among them he also sees a friend who’s walked the same path as him. That’s why Hinata gets a hug while the rest get a challenge. Oikawa has nothing to prove to Hinata, they already understand each other. It’s the others he has unfinished business with.

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