Haikyuu!! Depicts Three Realistic Types of Volleyball Players

One of the things I love about Haikyuu!! is that it’s hopeful and realistic in equal measure. There’s a place for cheesy messages of hope and good triumphs over evil, but what Haikyuu!! offers is a more profound message of true hope in a world that looks like ours.

Furudate writes three types of volleyball players in Haikyuu!!.

The “monster generation”, as they’re affectionately called, are mainly players that probably can’t imagine a world where they don’t play volleyball at all. It’s a passion that encompasses all that they are. They’re the ones that leave all of themselves on the court.

We also have the middle-of-the-road players that love the game but don’t let it take over their lives, and I talk more about what they represent in this post.

But Furudate writes — with much care and attention — a third type of player: those that are left behind. This encompasses quite a large range of people, but is a natural distinction to make when you’re writing a story from the point of view of someone in the first category. And I believe it’s the way these characters were written and their impact on the tone of the story that inspire the most hope.

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