Jester should be allowed to keep her personal god

Jester’s playfulness is not childish, and it is not a character flaw or something she should be expected to “grow out of” as she matures.

I’ve mentioned before about how this relates to her relationship with her mother. But it’s also simply the way she relates to other people in a broader sense.

Jester is a highly empathetic person who enjoys bringing joy to other people. Jester’s sense of humor, her love of pranks, and her bubbly personality stem from her desire to make others happy, in addition to making herself happy.

Jester’s pranks are usually harmless or intended to be harmless, and aimed at the powerful and haughty. This is a direct reflection of The Traveler’s favorite brand of chaos and mischief, at least according to him.

And The Traveler is an ancient being with a love for pranks, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone call him childish. Vulgar maybe, but not childish.

Chaos is not inherently bad. (We know this to some degree as lovers of D&D) Chaos can be neutral, and it can even be good. Artagan has a history of being mostly neutral, but Jester’s influence might have started bending him toward good.

But even if we were talking about chaos being bad or of Jester and The Traveler’s brand of chaos being bad, bad characters don’t necessarily make for bad stories.

Jester’s relationship with The Traveler is also something she shouldn’t be expected to give up as part of her “character growth”. The Traveler has been by her side as a source of joy and comfort for most of her life, why should she have to give that up now?

Dependency is not a flaw or weakness, it is something natural and human (in the real world sense). Jester depends on The Traveler for her divine magic, and The Traveler depends on Jester for his divinity. She is his favorite, and he was once her personal “god”. Jester being forced, coerced, or pressured to give up her special relationship with the Traveler would not be “virtuous” in any sense.

Let Jester have her personal God! Let her have fun and create chaos everywhere she goes. There are so many incredible possibilities for a future where Jester and her Traveler stay together:

  • Jester and The Traveler traveling across Exandria and the many other planes of existence
  • Jester pretending to be The Traveler and pranking other believers
  • Jester staying with The Traveler and becoming so closely associated with him throughout his followers that she too gains some kind of divinity
  • The Twin Gods of Chaos

Wouldn’t that just be great?

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