[The Cabin] Excerpt – Escape

The meeting at the law firm checks out as well. They don’t ask him for anything but identification. Rowan signs the papers, shakes Robert’s large and meaty hand, and takes the train back to his apartment clutching a large manila envelope.
On Tuesday, a smaller envelope arrives. It’s addressed from his grandparents. It’s thick and heavy. Rowan sets it aside.
The next two weeks are a blur. Rowan attends classes but nothing sticks. The Political Science paper never gets turned in. Suddenly it’s Thursday morning again and Rowan stops in the doorway of his apartment, staring out at the lone tree in the parking lot, and asks himself why?
He takes a step backward, lets the door close, and starts packing.

It’s a strange chaotic fervor that keeps him going that day. He has half a bag packed and the contents of a drawer strewn across the floor when he jumps to his feet, grabs his wallet and keys, and runs out of the apartment.
The convenience store is at the end of the block — convenient. The ATM inside is even more convenient right now. He’s ignored three calls from his father today. Somehow he’s got enough of a mind to buy a few sandwiches and iced teas while he’s there.
Rowan doesn’t remember sleeping that night but he thinks he must have at some point. Friday morning comes around and he feels…relaxed. He walks to the same coffee shop he goes to every Friday, orders his hot chocolate and pastry, and throws his phone’s SIM card into the trashcan on the way out.

This is an excerpt of one of the short stories I am submitting with my MFA applications. If you’d like to support me in any way please consider buying me a “coffee” here!

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